Foreword: Summer 2020

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First of all, our hopes are very much that you and loved ones are keeping well in these challenging times. As authors of some of the following pieces have said, these times put a lot of our concerns into perspective, and make us grateful for many things previously taken for granted. In such uncertain times it was always comforting to have others in our company helping us to make sense of the world. In this regard, we’re particularly pleased to have such a diverse and thoughtful range of papers in this edition (see links below).


Inevitably, the Covid-19 crisis looms large in our minds and in this regard the application of the Power Threat Meaning Framework (PTMF) to understanding its impact makes for thought-provoking reading. Similarly, the use of the PTMF model to explore societal pressures, and their impact on youth mental health, challenges our individualistic take on young people’s difficulties.


Given the traumatic impact of the current pandemic on many, an exploration of PTSD and its differentiation from ‘complex PTSD’ is timely and provides a really helpful insight into the literature in this area. It is the most vulnerable who will be on many of our minds at present. Consequently hearing the ‘lived experience’ of individuals suffering from stigma as a consequence of their mental health difficulties and from those refugees struggling to survive and thrive while living in an Emergency Reception and Orientation Centre (EROC) makes for compelling reading.


In the journal’s working group itself we have been thinking about issues of diversity and difference as apply to this journal; so see our diversity statement as an indication our initial thoughts in this regard.

Do also check out our accompanying podcast. It’s a really interesting 30min discussion on the impact for Clinical Psychology of the Covid-19 crisis with CPT interviewing Dr. William Mowlds and Dr. Jeananne Garavan. They discuss the implications of the pandemic on community and specialist services, both now and for the future. It’s available here:

Finally, immense thanks as always need to go to the authors, the reviewers, the CPT steering group and especially to Siobhán O’ Neill, without whose creative contribution this journal would not be possible.

Wishing you all a safe summer ahead.

The CPT team

(p.s. as an Open Access journal you can read articles from past editions by following the links at the end of our Home Page: )

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Edition Co-Editors: Padraig Collins, Lynn White


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  • Mental Health Stigma: An Exploration of Certain Irish Service Users’ Experiences and Coping Processes – Click here
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