Foreword: Summer 2019

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Welcome and hope the sun is shining wherever you are!! We are pleased to introduce to you the fourth edition of Clinical Psychology Today.

The core vision of this journal is to provide a forum where clinical psychologists can connect, debate, present their research and discuss the evidence base. We also aim to highlight the innovative and valuable work that clinical psychologists provide throughout services around Ireland.  In doing so we hope to stimulate debate on the ways we can enhance the profession and provide the most effective services to our clients.

The current edition presents five articles covering a diversity of topics which will be informative and thought-provoking to a wide range of psychologists. Two of the articles are focused on the Assisted Decision-Making Act, providing both an exploration of the core principles, as well as a discussion of the key practical challenges for psychologists. We are delighted to have an article exploring the experience of reflective practice from the perspective of assistant psychologists, consistent with the aim of the journal to be inclusive of early career psychologists.  A service evaluation of APSI highlights the efforts to increase access to psychological services while a literature review on the impact of working in the area of domestic violence will stimulate a reflection on the topic of self-care.

Also don’t forget to check out the podcast accompanying this edition with Rufus May and Elisabeth Svanholmer. Here they will discuss their Voice Dialogue work, providing an original approach to management of hearing voices which involves actively engaging with voices. It can be accessed at

Lastly, this edition would not be possible without the considerable work of many. We would like to thank the authors who chose to submit their articles to this edition and to the many reviewers who provided considerable time and attention to help enhance the quality of the articles.  We would like to thank the CPT steering group, and Padraig Collins who has led this project from the beginning.  We would like to give special thanks to Siobhan O’Neill for her work on the design of this edition.

Wishing you a long, hot summer!


Edition Co-Editors: Patrick McHugh, Ruth Melia