FOREWORD: Winter 2018


Welcome and happy holidays!!

We are excited to introduce this third edition of Clinical Psychology Today.

Part of the vision and intention of this journal is to provide a space in which Clinical Psychologists can connect, exchange and discuss relevant issues which arise when undertaking this work. Of equal importance is the forum the journal can provide for debate, for sharing and challenging each other with the intention of better serving our respective client groups.

In this edition we have some wonderfully diverse pieces and believe these will be of interest to a range of Clinical Psychologists working across these different domains. The diversity seen here reflects the multi-faceted role that clinical psychologists play today at the level of the individual, the family, the community and broader society. The articles speak to the unique ways in which Clinical Psychology contributes to basic science and interdisciplinary collaborations, and to the ways in which our work can inform and lead at a policy and a political level. We are particularly pleased, for example, to include an insightful piece on social justice and inequality. A piece on the experience of Assistant Psychologists points to the central role of reflective practice, and to the supports and structures needed to nurture and maintain this capacity at all stages of a clinical psychologist’s career. The articles provide valuable insights into the challenges and value inherent in different aspects of the work. It is hoped these articles will be of use in everyday practice and will add to an evolving reservoir of knowledge, of value to Clinical Psychologists throughout Ireland.

Many of you will be members of the PSI Division of Clinical Psychology, the BPS or the new ACP-UK. Among the many issues that concern Clinical Psychologists regarding training, registration, and therapeutic modalities, you might share a sense that we could provide a stronger advocacy voice for the people with whom we work. We would welcome pieces co-authored with clients, for example.

This edition would not be possible without the authors who submitted their work for review, and the considerable work of the reviewers who volunteer their time to support their peers, and develop their own critical faculties. We wish to acknowledge the work of the CPT steering group, and Pádraig Collins in particular, who has been at the forefront of this endeavour from the beginning. Special thanks must also go to Siobhán O’Neill for her creative and impressive work on the journal design.

Lastly, please don’t leave without taking a few minutes to read the whole way through to the notices, and the many different ways in which you can become involved with CPT. We are especially interested in people putting themselves forward for the reviewer panel, an opportunity to develop reviewing, critical analysis and feedback skills.

Wishing you all a warm and connected season!

With thanks,

Edition Co-Editors: Olive Moloney, Ruth Melia

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