Foreword: July 2018


We are thrilled to be introducing the second edition of Clinical Psychology Today.

The idea behind the journal is quite a simple one; we hoped to continue to create a forum where Clinical Psychologists across Ireland can exchange and discuss relevant issues which arise when undertaking this work. It is hoped that these articles will be of help in everyday practice and, in time, will create an evolving reservoir of knowledge, of value to Clinical Psychologists throughout Ireland.

One of the additional aims of the journal is to provide space for debate, a space where ideas can be shared and challenged in the spirit of true knowledge attainment.

In this edition we have some wonderfully diverse pieces and believe these will be of interest to a range of Clinical Psychologists working across these different domains. The pieces contained here both represent a significant amount of work undertaken by the various authors, and also provide valuable insights into the challenges and real value inherent in these varied forms of psychological endeavour.

This edition would not be possible without the authors who submitted their work for consideration and the considerable work of the CPT team. We wish to acknowledge the work of the steering group, the many reviewers who provided us with much appreciated feedback on the submitted articles, and Siobhan O’Neill and Olive Moloney for their work and assistance with the design and layout of this edition. A final thank you on last minute editing to Lisa Clogher and Sinead Murphy!

Lastly, don’t leave without taking a few minutes and look at our “notice-board” to find out the many different ways in which you can become involved with CPT.

Thanks again,

Have a great summer.

With thanks,

Edition Editor and Deputy Editor: Sean Foy & Eoin Galavan.