Foreword: A Beginning…

A Beginning…

We’re delighted to introduce the first edition of Clinical Psychology Today !


Like many such initiatives it began with quite a simple idea. We wanted to create a forum where Clinical Psychologists throughout the country could exchange views upon the challenges and joys of this work.

We know that the science and practice of Clinical Psychology involves not only the incremental accumulation of knowledge from empirical research but also the ethical consideration of how such knowledge can be used for the betterment of our communities. This latter task requires nuanced debate, scepticism and challenging rhetoric, a space for which can, at times, be absent in many journals. So providing a place for such debate, as well as for the sharing of knowledge and experience, seemed important to us.


In one sense, therefore, this aim of creating a forum for dispersed Clinical Psychologists to talk together, is a simple and relatively uncontroversial one. On the other hand, we know from social research and from political movements that the very act of allowing people to communicate with each other can itself be a radical act.

Therefore we’re pleased that this first edition includes papers that touch upon the diverse challenges of an applied practitioner role. This edition has empirical research, pieces that debate contemporary issues in our profession, and a reflective piece on the lived experience of this work. We’re particularly pleased that the authors of these papers range from Assistant Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists-in-Training, to Staff and Senior Clinical Psychologists and also include Principal and Director-level Psychologists. In this, we hope we capture some of the diversity of experience and knowledge of our broad community.

Particular thanks needs to be given to Michelle Griffin Doyle whose tireless and creative work brought all of this together. We’re indebted to her, and to Kady Francis for her editing work especially in relation to the online edition.

Finally, CPT is nothing if not a collective initiative, and as such we actively encourage input – see the “notice-board” to find out more on the many ways you can become involved!

With thanks,

Edition Editor and Deputy Editor: Pádraig Collins & Sean Foy.



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